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    Personal Security Combo Pack - 950KV Mini Stun Gun & 130dB Alarm Siren

    General Information

    More and more people concern on their personal safetythan before. This combo Pack provide a solution for those who need devices toprotect themselves and at the same time the high dB alarm can be released forhelp. Each items are small compact size, they can be easily carried toanywhere.

    Package included

    950KV Mini Stun Gun x 1
    130dB Alarm Siren x 1
    User Manual x 1

    1. Mini Stun Gun

    This stun gun is only 3 inches in height
    by far the smallestgun withstrong 950KV shocking output available.

    Due to its size, youcan easily conceal it in a pocket, handbag or even a pack of cigarettes, givingyou the added benefit of surprise in the event of an attack.Compared to othersimilar level high voltage stunguns, you will find it is 2 to 3 times smaller.


    Shock: 950KV / 650KV 
    Size: 83mm*53mm*20mm
    Function: Powerful Shocker
    Power source: 3*CR123 Battery (not including)
    High Impact-resistant Plastic Structure
    Safety Switch to avoid coincident operation
    A heavy duty leather holster with belt loop for easy carrying

    Free Pouch

    ------Effects of the unit

    Ashort blast of 1/4 second duration will startle an attacker, cause minor musclecontractions and have a repelling effect.
    A moderate length blast of 1 to 4 seconds can cause an attacker, to fall to theground and result in some mental confusion. It may  make an assailant unwilling to continue anattack, but he will be able to get up almost immediately.
    A full charge of 5 seconds can immobilize an attacker, causing disorientation,loss of balance, falling to the ground and leave them weak and dazed for someminutes afterward.
    Any blast lasting over 1 second is likely to cause your assailant to fall.
    The stun gun will have an effect anywhere on the body but the maximum effect isin these areas: upper shoulder, upper hip, below rib cage.

    ------Obey the law

    Astun gun is a legal (check state & local laws) EIDElectronic Immobilization Device that emits high voltage shock.It is the responsibilityof the buy NOT the seller to ascertain and obey all applicable laws, local,state, and federal, regarding use and ownerships of EID`s.  If you are unsure, contact your local lawenforcement agency.  Federal lawprohibits this item inside any airport or carry-on baggage.

    2. Alarm Siren

    The 130dB highoutput siren is fit to this high quality personal alarm as a Personal AttackDeterrent. Meanwhile, it has a bright LED light, provide lighting when indarkness. Small size with the design look appeals to younger Employees.



    AlarmingSiren: Over 130dB

    FlashingLED Light

    AlarmingTrigger Pin
    Battery: 1*9V Ni-MH

    Attachesto Purse, Pull Pin to Activate, Replace Pin to Deactivate

    Waist BandClip: Easy to Carry

    Size: 72*60*25mm


    Thehigh output siren fitted to this quality personal alarm may cause ear damage ifused at close range for a prolonged period of time. Keep away from children andpets! This product is designed to be used as a Personal Attack Deterrent

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