New Product Design and Development

Planning & Creative Ideas

Our development department engage in the areas of

  1. Product design
  2. Mechanical design
  3. Electronics design
  4. Mechanical Engineering

Mold Creating

Our total control strategy places all necessary CNC, EDM, lathe and sawing processing in -house. 
This is additionally complimented by CAD/CAM software such as Pro E and UG ensuring an optimized and streamlined end result.

  1. Fully operation from design to production ensures shortest possible response time.
  2. Online mold modification capabilities for rapid modification, corrections or adjustment 
  3. Custom designs welcomed 

Packing Design

We can provide the following packing design as below 

  1. Packing Box (Paper ) design
  2. Clamshell (Blister) design
  3. Label (Decal Sticker) design
  4. Barcode design