About Drop-shipping Support

What is dropship?

Drop Shipping means buying products cheaply from a secret low-priced source, and having your supplier helping you to pack the goods,helping you to send them to your customers which ordered from your supplier,and,the most paramount thing is that dropshippers do everything for you in your name

Wholesale Dropship is a revolutionary new system that enables you to make money by sourcing hot products directly from wholesalers. When you buy from wholesalers, you normally have to buy in large quantities. But with a dropship wholesaler, you get low prices even on small quantities. 

You Sell, We Ship

You sell products in your online store, and we ship the products directly to your customers from our wholesale dropship warehouse in China. You can focus on selling without worrying about quality control, stock, packing, and shipping. 

Promise on Dropship Service 

Are you scared about if your customers go direct to us whereas not you? Yes,sure,everbody is scared.
OK! Don’t be anxious about this point. As a good reputation wholesale dropshipper,TTcart never contacts with your customers directly,the customers belong to you will just only contact with you,not with us or the other suppliers.The products will be sent to your customer without our name,address,contact details.All these information are not visible to your customers.They will be “blind” at that moment

Your repeated customers will be still loyal to you,they don’t need to know that ttcart.com is your closed and secret wholesale dropship supplier!

Dropshipping on ttcart.com ,not only saves the time for you to solve the boiling water,but even helps you to keep the tremendous profit or benefit and your own customers

Dropship Steps 

dropshipping steps